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Flip on the evening news and what do you see? A never-ending stream of fear-mongering and propaganda, designed to keep you in line and compliant. But it doesn't have to be this way. The Truth Seekers 88 is here to provide an alternative - a place where you can get the news without the spin.

As the go-to source for online conservative news and honest analysis, we help you:

  • How to think for yourself and make your own decisions

  • Become an informed - and empowered - free citizen

  • Spot fake news and media bias in the mainstream media

  • Make sense of the world around you - without the liberal spin

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Check out our live Q & A sessions where we answer hot topic questions of the day ask by our audience and patriots around the world.

Real News for Real Americans

At The Truth Seekers 88, we believe that you have a right to the truth, and we're committed to providing it.

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From immigration to foreign policy to the economy, there's no issue too big or too small for us to tackle. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions about the world around you.

No Spin and Fear, Just Facts and Truth

When you're looking for news you can trust, look no further than The Truth Seekers 88. We promise to always give it to you straight, without the liberal spin.

Hope in a Dark World

God has called you to be a light in this dark world - and with the insights that The Truth Seekers 88 provides, you'll be well-equipped to do just that. Together we can fight the good fight and take back control of the truth.

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The Truth Seekers 88 is brought to you by a team of faithful and dedicated patriots committed to providing accurate and unbiased news.

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The Great Awakening is coming, and a reckoning is at hand. Are you ready to be a light of truth? The truth shall set you free. Discover a life of freedom, liberty, and true happiness with The Truth Seekers 88. Together, we will help our world prosper once more!

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